Twitter wall

Transform visitors into participants with a social wall

A Twitter wall at your event not only catches the attention of passers-by; it encourages them to act. That way they will spend more time thinking about your message.

Kimeru knows exactly how you can engage visitors with a Twitter wall or social wall. It was no surprise, therefore, that Mercedes asked us to install one in front of their stand at the Autosalon.

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Gebruik een Twitter wall om de interactie met je bezoekers te verhogen.

Customer request

Mercedes asked Kimeru to make a Twitter wall for the Autosalon. Such a social wall – certainly a huge LED wall – is conspicuous and draws attention.

But even more important, it encourages action. People get the chance to express their opinion or send a message, which almost immediately appears on the big screen. For instance, the car company wanted to get visitors interested in the Mercedes Vito.

Our solution

Visitors to the Mercedes stand at the Autosalon were able to express their opinion about the new Vito on four touchscreens. Kimeru developed an app customised to the specifications of the event, in which visitors could enter their name and response.

Furthermore, a photographer took photos of the stand’s visitors during the event. The photos appeared automatically on the Twitter wall and on the car company’s Facebook page.


Visitors to the Mercedes stand saw their message and the photographer’s photos appear live on the Twitter wall. So they got the opportunity to make their own small contribution to the event.

The specially developed app made it child’s play to get a message to appear on the social wall.

The result? A large number of visitors who spent a long time at the Mercedes stand. Moreover, after the event they visited the car manufacturer’s Facebook page to find their photo.

Thanks to Kimeru’s Twitter wall, Mercedes succeeded in arousing the interest of the public in their new model.

More about our social wall

The Mercedes Twitter wall is just one example of using social media in digital signage. For example, an insurance company contacted us to put social media in the spotlight for their personnel using digital signage.

Kimeru developed an interface that allows staff to view and moderate the latest tweets or Facebook messages simply on a touchscreen.

This enables staff members to start a dialogue with their customers quickly and easily and help answer their questions.

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