Smart mannequin

Impress your customers with a smart mannequin

A smart mannequin allows you to combine your digital experience of online shopping with the advantages of a physical shop.

Your customers indicate via sensors what garment on the mannequin they want more information about. The information is displayed on a touchscreen, which they can then use as they see fit.

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For whom?

The smart mannequin or smart dummy is destined primarily for sports and clothing stores.

Do you as a retailer want to set your sights on an interactive experience that gives your customers the possibility of discovering and getting to know your products themselves? Then the smart mannequin is the solution for you.


Customers get all the benefits of a physical store – they can take a close look at the garments, try them on and ask the sales staff for assistance – but at the same time they can discover and investigate your products as they are used to online.

The experience with sensors and touchscreens also ensures that customers are completely immersed in your brand and actively learn about your products.

More about the smart mannequin

Linking sensors to interactive displays opens up a lot of possibilities for personalising an experience to your needs. Kimeru’s creative experts will get down to work with you and create an amazing interactive experience for your customers.

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