Static Displays

Showcase your logo, brand and message

Extra zichtbaarheid met statische schermen en lichtbakken

Create more visibility

Do you want to permanently showcase your logo, brand or message? Static displays and light boxes increase your company’s visibility.

Static displays and light boxes are illuminated images. An illuminated image is more noticeable than a non-illuminated image.

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More impact with minimal effort

Static displays and light boxes are a simple solution to give greater visibility to logos, brands and messages that you do not or only occasionally change.

This means that, once installed, no effort is required to regularly provide new content as is the case with dynamic and interactive displays.

Applications of static displays

Static displays and light boxes are a budget-friendly solution to highlight large surface areas.

This means they are very useful for large and small display cases, sales areas, shops and offices.

An overall house style

Static displays and light boxes are a nice solution for emphasising an overall house style and ensuring a uniform, modern look.

This makes light boxes an excellent complement to dynamic and interactive displays.

View our cases

Are you curious to see what such an update of your logo or house style could look like? Check out the examples of our static displays and light boxes below.

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