Flexible digital signage system for large companies

Show local and national content flexibly and simply

A smart, flexible digital signage system permits the content shown on dynamic displays to be adapted simply and quickly. For large companies with a number of different branches, such a system is an ideal tool to communicate with their customers.

A well-known major bank asked us to develop such a tailored flexible digital signage system and replace their advertising posters with displays.

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Customer request

A well-known European bank asked Kimeru to develop a flexible digital signage system for them. The bank wanted to replace its posters with displays, so that less time would be required to adapt advertising messages.

Moreover, the system would also readily enable content to be sent to such a display from different locations, allowing it to show both national and regional messages.

Our solution

Kimeru developed a flexible digital signage system for the bank and installed nearly 100 dynamic displays in various locations.

Kimeru also created simple-to-fill-in templates in the house style of the bank. So now the individual offices can easily show local information that nevertheless looks pleasingly uniform.

At the same time, the marketing team at the head office can effortlessly disseminate messages to the various branch offices using the flexible digital signage system.


The nearly 100 displays Kimeru has installed show a nice mix of national advertising messages and local information.

Local messages are always displayed in the major bank’s house style, so that the bank’s image is retained in each office.

The individual offices use the flexible digital signage system to inform their customers of their opening times, for example, and can use their own images.

At the same time, the system remains very user-friendly for the offices. They can adapt the content in just a few clicks.

More about our flexible digital signage system

Another nice example of content designed by Kimeru is a traffic page for the head office. This page shows up-to-date information on traffic levels and the departure times of public transport services close to the bank.

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