Content as a service

Impress with outstanding content for your displays

wij installeren de schermen én vullen ze met content die mensen doet stilstaan

A message with impact

Digital signage is much more than digital displays. Such a display is pointless without high-impact content.

Do you want to make an impression with powerful content on your displays? Read on and discover our content as a service offer.

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Content as a service

For digital signage with impact you need not only a high-quality dynamic or interactive display, but also eye-catching content that communicates your message in the best possible way.

Whether you are developing a new house style, an advertising campaign or any other form of digital signage: thanks to our many years of experience with digital signage, Kimeru is the ideal partner for your content creation.

Why content as a service

Kimeru operates according to the content as a service principle: for a fixed monthly sum we create powerful content for you that attracts customers and passers-by.

Thanks to content as a service, you don’t need to worry about infrastructure and complex technologies: we install the displays and fill them with content that stops people in their tracks.

Content as a service is the digital signage solution for companies and SMEs that want to grab the attention of customers and visitors but do not have their own displays or graphics team.

Our process

As far as possible, filling the displays is automated. We always carry out the following steps::

1. Strategy – We define concepts and visuals

2. Creation – Our experts prepare your content

3. Publication – We place your content on your displays

4. Optimisation – We evaluate and optimise the strategy

Applications of content as a service

How long a certain piece of content is shown and how often the content on your displays changes are entirely up to you. It is also always possible to adapt, add or delete messages yourself.

This means that content as a service is suitable not only for retail, the food service industry and internal communication, for example, but also for sectors where the content needs to be adapted frequently and quickly – just think of real estate and temporary employment agencies.

Would you rather create your own content? Discover our Signagram-formula now!

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