Warning system for emergency situations

Notify quickly and prevent worse from happening

Emergency situations are never pleasant. However, with a good warning system you can inform visitors rapidly and prevent worse from happening.

Do you receive visitors every day whom you need to be able to warn if something suddenly happens? Digital signage on dynamic displays is the perfect solution.

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Informeer je bezoekers snel in een noodsituatie.

For whom?

Schools, public buildings and public transport, as well companies and festivals – wherever a lot of people come together, safety is an important consideration. A warning system for emergency situations is a key element of this.

We will develop a custom warning system for you based on digital signage. We install dynamic displays in buildings, public areas and outdoors on which emergency notifications can be displayed.

Our warning system can also receive automatic emergency notifications from local or national sources, but of course you can also easily and quickly send out messages yourself.


Kimeru ensures that you can easily send and adapt messages yourself. You can therefore respond quickly to emergency situations.

You can use formatting as a simple means to make your communication stand out, for example by using large, bright-coloured letters. When installing the displays, we also ensure that they are readily visible and draw attention.

Our warning system can be readily integrated with other channels, such as loudspeakers or SMS alerts.

More about the warning system for emergency situations

The dynamic displays in our warning system can also be used for everyday communication. This increases your return on investment.

It also creates a reflex in people to pay attention to the displays for useful information. Feel free to take a look at our page on dynamic displays for an overview of possible applications.

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