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From static displays to interactive displays

Van statische lichtbakken tot interactieve displays

Custom digital signage

Kimeru is the expert in custom display communication and digital signage solutions. Digital signage, that’s communicating with images. You need a display but also eye-catching content that keeps people looking at it.

Our digital signage solutions are always tailored to your company and may comprise different components. Read an overview of the main components below and click through for more information.

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Extra zichtbaarheid met statische schermen en lichtbakken

Static displays

Do you want to permanently showcase your logo, brand or message? Find out here how static displays and light boxes increase your company’s visibility.

Laat klanten stilstaan bij je boodschap.

Dynamic displays

Attracting the attention of customers and visitors sometimes seems difficult. Find out here how you can grab and hold attention with our dynamic displays.

Een touchscreen met digital signage is een krachtige tool om met klanten en voorbijgangers in dialoog te gaan.

Interactive displays

Do you want to actively engage people in your message? Discover how you can use interactive displays to engage customers in your company’s communication.

Visual Content as a service

Digital signage is much more than digital displays. Such a display is pointless without high-impact content. Do you want to make an impression with powerful content on your displays? Discover our content as a service offer here.

Do you want to create your own beautiful content easily and quickly? Discover our Signagram formula now!

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