Dynamic Displays

How to grab and hold attention

Laat klanten stilstaan bij je boodschap.

An eye-catcher that captivates

Attracting the attention of customers and visitors sometimes seems difficult. But have you ever thought of digital signage?

Thanks to digital signage and dynamic displays, you can grab attention and hold it. Which means you engage customers and visitors more easily and longer in your communication.

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A message to stop you in your tracks

Do you want your message to stop customers and visitors literally and figuratively in their tracks? Then digital signage and dynamic displays are the ideal solution. Just think of the typical displays with videos and commercials that you often see in the windows of shopping streets.

Light and movement unconsciously capture our interest. Show your message using digital signage on dynamic displays and you will get your viewers’ attention for about 30 seconds. During this half minute your message has the chance to penetrate and encourage action.

Applications of dynamic displays

Digital signage and dynamic displays allow you to show dynamic content – still images that regularly change or moving images/videos.

In this way, you can disseminate information, display advertisements, give people directions, and much more.

The extensive possibilities of digital signage and dynamic displays mean that this technology can be used in various sectors: not only in retail but also in real estate, temporary employment agencies, business to business, as well as for internal communication.

Do you want to create your own content for your dynamic displays? Discover our Signagram-formula!

Where do dynamic displays have the greatest impact?

Digital signage and dynamic displays are an ideal way to arouse people’s interest. Use it in highly visible locations where a lot of people pass by, for example:

  • The reception desk of an office building
  • A video wall in a commercial building
  • A shop window in a shopping street
  • The entrance hall of a public building

Of course, the technology can also be used the other way around: to lure people to places where they normally would not go, such as:

  • A concealed corner in a museum
  • The back of a shop or commercial building

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