Interactive fitting room

Boost your sales with a smart cubicle

By now, most clothing stores are familiar with digital signage – just think of well-known applications such as videowalls and displays with information and advertisements.

But have you ever thought of an interactive fitting room? With such an interactive cubicle you increase not only your sales, but also the comfort of your customers

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For whom?

Interactive fitting room – it sounds exotic perhaps, but it is far from being science fiction. Kimeru will construct a smart cubicle for you tailored entirely to your requirements.

As the words imply, an interactive fitting room or smart cubicle is primarily a solution for clothing stores.

Are you such a retailer and do you want to boost your sales and simultaneously increase your customers’ comfort? Check out the advantages of an interactive fitting room below or contact Kimeru for a custom interactive cubicle.


As the customer enters the smart cubicle, it detects what items they have selected. An interactive display provides the customer with information on the availability of these items in different sizes and colours.

The customer can immediately order what is not available. Furthermore, the customer also receives tips on other garments that go with what they have selected. This encourages additional purchases.

Finally, customers can pay in the interactive fitting room immediately after trying on the clothes. This means they can no longer change their mind on the way to the cash desk.

More about the interactive fitting room

You can link the interactive fitting room to the devices of your employees, so that customers can contact them directly and try on new items without leaving the smart cubicle.

If your customers order items that are not in stock, they can pay for them straight away and have them delivered at home.

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