Meeting room booking app

Book a meeting room in your company quickly and easily

It’s bound to happen in your company too – you have reserved a meeting room, but unaware of this, a colleague has taken it. Or worse, you need a meeting room at short notice, but there is no booking system.

The solution? A meeting room booking system from Kimeru. We can develop a custom meeting room booking app for your company. We also provide touchscreens for each meeting room and for the reception desk.

This means you can easily reserve a meeting room at work, but also remotely with your smartphone or laptop.

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Boek eenvoudig uw meeting rooms met de app.

For whom?

A meeting room booking system is indispensable for every company with one or more meeting rooms. With our meeting room booking app, you can book your room in an instant.

Do you want to avoid annoying situations with meeting rooms? The Kimeru meeting room booking app is your lifesaver. We will personalise our booking system entirely to your needs.


The meeting room booking app allows each employee to check the availability of meeting rooms and reserve a room easily and quickly.

This can be done remotely on your smartphone or laptop, as well as on the spot via interactive displays in each meeting room and in the entrance hall. No more surprises or hassle – anyone, at any time, can check whether a meeting room is free.

Moreover, the Kimeru meeting room booking system is entirely personalised to your needs, including layout and brand.

More about the meeting room booking app

The meeting room booking app can be integrated with a digital receptionist. The digital receptionist is an information kiosk in your entrance hall where visitors can announce their arrival. It automatically notifies the person they have an appointment with.

Other apps and convenient features, too, can be added to the digital receptionist, for example, a booking app for workstations in a shared office.

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