Another chance to convince customers

You are bound to have experienced this before: you put something in your shopping basket in a web shop but then decide to abandon the purchase. On the next website you visit, you suddenly get an advertisement for the same product.

This is a trick called retargeting or remarketing and gives the web shop another chance to tempt you into purchasing the article, which often succeeds. But did you know that you can also use retargeting in a physical shop?

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For whom?

As soon as a visitor to your website walks into your physical shop, the retail retargeter connects with their smartphone. If you have several physical shops as well as a web shop, then the instore retargeter is something for you.

Based on data on the online behaviour of your customers, you can show custom content on the dynamic or interactive displays in your shop.


Retargeting allows you, for example, to adapt the advertisements or messages you show on displays in your physical shops to customers based on their search history in your web shop.

If they come near such a display, they will see a personalised message. So you can remind customers of products they viewed online and try to convince them again. Or you can show them products that are compatible with what they have already purchased online.

More about instore retargeting

Retargeting also helps you to collect data on the purchasing behaviour of your customers – online and instore. In this way, you get to know your target audience better and improve coordination of communication in your physical shops and web shop.

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