What is digital signage content?

Content is the heart of your display communication

Digital signage content is the content you show on your displays. It is the heart of your display communication.

You can invest in the best, most expensive displays, but without excellent digital signage content they are worthless.

Read more below about what content is precisely and how you can use digital signage content on your displays.

What is content?

Content is a term used frequently by IT, communication and marketing specialists.

By content, they mean texts, photos, videos and any other form of audiovisual content or message that can be disseminated via an online or offline medium.

A blog post on your website is content! An infographic in the newspaper is content! A video clip on your Facebook page is… yes again, content!

Digital signage content

Like a newspaper or website, digital signage is a medium through which you can disseminate content. You can show different sorts of digital signage content (or narrowcasting content), depending on the displays you use:

  • Static displays: your digital signage content can consist of illuminated photos, images and text. Think, for example, of a light box with an illuminated logo on a company’s façade. Animated digital signage content is not possible on static displays.
  • Dynamic displays: besides photos and text, you can also show moving images or alternating still images. Your digital signage content can therefore contain not only text and images, but also videos and animations. You can easily show commercial videos and useful information on the same display.
  • Interactive displays: the sky is the limit for your digital signage content on interactive displays. You can show not only still and moving images, but also content tailored to individual visitors or customers. For example, you can use touchscreens to allow customers to choose what digital signage content they want to see, or adapt the information on the displays using sensors and other triggers.

Purposes of digital signage content

Depending on your company or organisation, you will use digital signage in different situations and for different purposes. The digital signage content you use must therefore be adapted for the purpose at hand.

Digital signage content for commercial videos will be different from content intended only to create atmosphere. And informative digital signage content will need to meet other criteria.

How frequently must the digital signage content on your displays change? Do you need to be able to communicate in real time, such as through a warning system or at a sporting event? These and other questions will help you decide what your digital signage content should look like.

Whether you use your displays to inform, attract attention or start a dialogue with customers, content is the fuel for your digital signage.

Indeed, good digital signage content is of inestimable value. Make sure the messages you disseminate are clear and attractive, so that they grab and hold the attention of visitors and customers.

Does digital signage hold enough attention?

study by Microsoft showed that digitisation had caused the average human attention span to fall from 12 seconds in 2002 to 8 seconds in 2015. We know from our own research that attention to digital signage content is often even shorter.

Does this mean that digital signage is not an attractive medium? By no means! Light and movement capture our attention much more than posters or other analogue media.

But if you want your message to be viewed, you must ensure that it is immediately clear.

Content as a service

Are you looking for a partner with many years of experience in dazzling customers with clear and compelling digital signage content? Kimeru is ready to provide you with its content as a service offer.

Kimeru will ensure that your displays show persuasive digital signage content for a fixed monthly sum. We work with your input and in your house style.

Content as a service is suitable for all sorts of companies and sectors, including those where the digital signage content has to be adapted quickly and often.

Are you interested? Or do you have further questions about content as a service? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you have any questions or are you interested in our services? Contact us or visit our showroom!