Showcase your real estate agency with digital signage

Showcase your real estate agency with digital signage

In digital signage or digital image communication, you use displays to attract, inform and persuade (potential) customers. It is a valuable communication technique for each sector.

Is digital signage also suitable for real estate agencies? Absolutely! Everyone has already seen displays in shops, in the street and in pharmacies, but you also see more and more displays in real estate agencies. There are good reasons for that!

With digital signage you attract attention, actively engage customers in your message, give your business a professional look and ensure that your messages can be quickly adapted – from the head office and separately in each branch office.

The advantages of digital signage make it a perfect marketing strategy for real estate agencies. Curious how well you might do with digital signage for real estate? We are happy to inspire you!

1. Showcase your properties

To showcase properties that a currently for sale, exhibit them on a dynamic display. The light and movement of such a display grabs people’s attention.

You can also readily adapt the content of your display. You can implement a price change immediately. If you’ve just sold a house, you can remove it from the playlist in a finger snap. And the playlist can be managed both centrally and at a specific location.

So for real estate agencies with a number of branch offices, digital signage is a quick and easy solution that allows you to adapt messages everywhere at once and maintain the house style. At the same time, the branch offices retain the possibility of adding local information.

2. Stand out with a digital display window

The term says it all: high-brightness displays are displays with exceptionally high brightness. Unlike ordinary displays, high-brightness displays are easily visible in strong sunlight. This makes them perfect for the window of a real estate office.

During opening hours, you can use the displays to encourage people to come into the office. After hours, you can show another playlist in which, for example, you showcase properties and present statistics of the number of properties sold each month.

Another option for the evenings is to put a QR code alongside each property, so that people can access more information. This means you can also connect with customers after hours.

Another tip: have a visibility audit carried out by your digital signage specialist. This will provide you with valuable specific advice on which displays you should use, where you should place them and what content you should show for an optimal effect.

3. Displays in your office

Inside the office, too, digital signage for real estate agencies is a smart move. For example, you can place a display with content adapted to the location, which showcases properties in the neighbourhood, shows sales figures, introduces staff members, etc.

To make it even more personal, you can give advice to potential buyers on things they should be aware of when buying a property and show testimonials from satisfied customers.

Does your real estate company often have open vacancies? You might want to consider a digital vacancy board.

4. An interactive experience

We have saved the best until last: if you really want to stand out with digital signage for real estate agencies you must use interactive technology. A touchscreen allows you to look for a suitable property together with a client or to reveal new projects.

This alters the conversation with clients completely. Not only does it take place standing up, but the interactive content makes the exchange much more dynamic.

Finally, iBeacons also offer interesting possibilities. For instance, they allow you to keep clients informed about new properties via an app as soon as they come near your real estate office.

Convinced? Then ask for a free visibility audit!

These were a few examples of what digital signage can mean for your real estate agency. Are you convinced of the benefits? Then ask for your free visibility audit from Kimeru, the digital signage specialist for real estate.

To perform such an audit, we will come and investigate with you how we can improve the visibility of your real estate office from the street. We will consider how best you can integrate displays in your window and prepare a four-month communication plan for you. Please fill in your contact details below. We will contact you as soon as possible to make an appointment.


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