Queuing system

Keep customers and employees happy

Long queues are annoying for your customers and your employees. If your shop, company or organisation often has this problem, then a queuing or customer guidance system is an essential tool!

Here you will discover what a queuing system is exactly, what it consists of and why you need it!

What is a queuing system?

A queuing or customer guidance system helps shops and other businesses or organisations to streamline queues.

A good queuing system ensures a shorter and also more pleasant waiting time.

What does a queuing system consist of?

A queuing system consists of at least one or several dynamic displays, which can inform queuing customers of the estimated wait time, direct newly arrived customers to a particular queue, etc.

But there are also more elaborate queuing systems in which customers check in on interactive displays and receive a ticket with a serial number.

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Why do you need a queuing system?

An intelligent queuing system makes the wait time for your customers or visitors both shorter and more pleasant. People feel less nervous when they know how long they have to wait.

If you use a ticket system, they can also wait more comfortably in a waiting room rather than having to keep their place in a queue the whole the time.

That, in turn, has a positive impact on your staff, who are less likely to have to deal with irritated customers.

Finally, a queuing system allows you to collect useful data, with which you can, for example, adjust your staffing to the current average wait time.

Kimeru: the specialist for your queuing system

To ensure that your customers and visitors wait less and to deploy your staff more efficiently, a queuing system is the solution for your company or organisation!

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