Five reasons why you need a digital queue system

Five reasons why you need a digital queue system

Does the word ‘queue system’ make you think of the number you draw at the butcher’s? Think again! An intelligent queue system offers a whole lot more.

Does your shop, company or organisation regularly have to deal with long queues? A good queue system is indispensable.

In the following we give you five reasons why you need such a system. But first we will briefly explain to you what exactly a digital queue system is.

What is a digital queue system?

An intelligent or digital queue system is a system that helps organise queues using dynamic or interactive displays. Such a system can take different forms.

In a retail environment, for example, you can use displays to give customers information on the estimated waiting time and indicate which queue the following customer should join.

But you can also install an interactive display on which people can check in using predetermined data and upon which they are issued a ticket with a serial number.

A digital signage expert can help you select the best possible queue system for your needs.

Not entirely convinced that you need such an intelligent queue system? Then be sure to read on!

Why you need a digital queue system

1. A queue system reduces the waiting time

Perhaps the greatest benefit of a digital queue system is that it reduces the waiting time. This avoids customer and visitor frustration and the possibility of them walking away.

Moreover, a queue system shortens not only the actual time that customers wait in the queue, but also the perceived waiting time. Displays that provide information and organise the queue give customers the impression that they are spending less time in line.

2. A queue system makes waiting more pleasant

A good queue system also makes the waiting time more pleasant. People feel less stressed in a well-organised queue because, for example, they are less worried about choosing the ‘right’ queue.

In some situations, a digital queue system with a ticket system allows you to offer extra comfort to your customers. For instance, you can provide a comfortable waiting room with a screen where customers can see when it is their turn.

3. A queue system keeps your staff happy and productive

A queue system also makes the work day of your employees at the cash or reception desk more pleasant. It means, for example, that they do not have to deal with frustrated customers so often.

An intelligent queue system also ensures that customers know better which checkout or desk they need to go to. Employees therefore less often need to urge people awkwardly to go to a particular checkout or desk.

Thus a queue system has an impact on the satisfaction of your staff and on their productivity. Happy employees are productive employees!

4. A queue system is an ideal marketing tool

The displays you use to inform customers can also be used in other ways. You can show other useful information, as well as temporary promotions and commercial videos.

By using displays for more than one purpose, you make the most of your investment in your queue system.

5. A queue system collects useful data

Here is where it gets really interesting. A digital queue system also allows you to collect very interesting data. For instance, as manager you can monitor waiting periods in real time and bring in extra staff where necessary.

But based on historical data, for example, you can also determine at what times it is generally busy or less busy. Thus a queue system helps you to plan better and manage your employees more efficiently.

And there are many other possibilities as well. You can find out which desks are visited less often, what waiting time leads to the most impulse purchases at the checkout, which members of staff work more slowly and therefore need training, etc.

KimQ: the queue system from Kimeru

Based on its many years of experience, Kimeru has developed its own queue system. What is the main advantage of KimQ? The fact that we adapt it entirely to your process. That is the only way to ensure maximum efficiency.

Are you curious about what such a KimQ system could look like in practice? Kimeru developed a queue system for Mercedes Europe that involves the following steps:

  • Customers check in at a touchscreen kiosk
  • They get a serial number and can take a seat in a waiting room
  • On displays above the desks or checkouts, customers can see when it is their turn and at which desk or checkout they will be served

This has enabled Mercedes to make the waiting time shorter and more pleasant for its customers and work more enjoyable for its employees. In addition, the car company gathers interesting information on its customers through the interactive kiosk.

Would you like to know more? The queue system Kimeru developed for Mercedes Europe can be viewed here.


A queue system has many benefits: happy customers come back, happy employees are more productive, and thanks to interesting data you can use your staff more efficiently.

With these advantages, a queue system leads not only to a better waiting experience, but ultimately also to a higher return on investment.

Do you have any questions or are you interested in a custom queue system? Then do not hesitate to contact us!

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