Welcome to Kimeru, the digital signage partner for companies

Welcome to Kimeru, the digital signage partner for companies

Does your company need a partner who not only installs displays but also advises, reflects and provides content that captures the imagination? Stop looking: you’ve found Kimeru!

Our new website allows us to offer you an even better service. In it you will find information on our content as a service formula, our different types of solutions – static, dynamic and interactive displays – and a number of interesting case studies as examples of what we can do.

In addition, from now on each week you can read a new blog post on the technology and applications of digital signage. We’ll begin at the beginning by answering a seemingly simple but essential question: what is digital signage?

What is digital signage?

Digital signage is communicating with digital images. It allows you to show useful information such as opening hours or commercial videos, start a dialogue with customers using an interactive app, etc.

You show the digital signage content to your customers or visitors on dynamic and/or interactive displays. Static displays can often be a nice addition to emphasise your house style and highlight static images or logos.

Why you need digital signage

Digital signage allows you to catch the attention of customers, visitors or employees with your messages. And with interactive displays or touchscreens, you can even actively engage them in your message.

Digital signage also gives your company or organisation a professional look and your messages can be quickly adapted when necessary. In a large digital signage network, this can even be done on a number of different displays and locations simultaneously – try doing that with posters!

Finally, quality displays last a long time. In the long term you will save on printed material and give a significant boost to your company and the environment.

These benefits make digital signage a powerful communication tool for each sector, from retail to B2B.

The many applications of digital signage

The applications of digital signage are endless. Depending on the type of display – static, dynamic or interactive – you can, for example:

  • Inform staff and keep them up to date on events, company news and practical information
  • Grab customers’ attention with advertisements, whether specifically aimed at them or not, by means of touchscreens or sensors
  • Alert people promptly in emergency situations using a warning system,
  • Give visitors directions at a busy trade fair
  • Give customers the opportunity to chat live with your company on a twitter wall
  • Keep waiting times short and more pleasant using a queue management system
  • Make an interactive fitting room to maximise your customers’ comfort and your return on investment
  • and so on…

Convinced by the benefits of digital signage?

Well, we’ve made a good start! We hope you found this first blog post interesting and invite you to take another look next week.

Are you convinced by the benefits of digital signage or do you still have questions about what digital signage could mean for your business? Then do not hesitate to contact us.


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