Advertising displays

More visibility and sales

Advertising displays allow you to put your company in the spotlight for potential customers and to persuade them to make a purchase with videos and other types of dynamic content.

They are, with good reason, one of the most frequently used applications of digital signage, because advertising displays work. Why? You can read about it here!

Why advertising displays work

Advertising displays with compelling content give your company more visibility and/or sales than do posters and other forms of static advertising.

This is all due to the possibility of showing videos and other dynamic messages.

Movement and light unconsciously attract people’s attention and hold it longer than static images.

In other words, digital billboards buy you time to put your product or company in the spotlight for longer and convince people to choose you.

Interested in advertising displays for your store of business?

Different types of advertising displays

Advertising displays come in all sizes and weights, from displays in your shop window to displays for outdoor use and impressive video walls.

Wherever and however you want to reach people with your ads, there are suitable digital billboards for your company.

Kimeru is the expert in advertising displays. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know exactly which screen best suits your business and always ensure perfect installation.

The possibilities at Kimeru are endless:

  • a double-sided display with an extra dynamic or static display on the other side;
  • a housing which nicely conceals the cables and the back of your display;
  • stickers to match your shop window or space with your content;
  • a unique minimalist cable hanging system;
  • etc.

The content of your advertising displays

Videos may spontaneously arouse interest, but the impact of your advertising displays depends on whether its content is interesting or not: your films or animations must stand out, surprise and convince.

Fortunately, Kimeru is a specialist not only in digital billboards, but also in compelling content.

We can provide you with custom content for your business or we can guide you in developing your own content. In addition, we have an all-in formula that you can use to get yourself started and design attractive content in no time.

Finally, you can adjust the content on your displays according to who is currently viewing it. Kimeru uses artificial intelligence to ensure that different messages are triggered by different viewers.

Kimeru has the perfect advertising displays for your business

Whether you are looking for advertising displays for your shop window, for outdoor use, for light-filled rooms or for another setting, Kimeru has just the right displays for your business and will ensure perfect placement and installation.

For example, an advertising display for your shop window is available from as little as € 1,800 (excluding VAT)! Do you want to know more? Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or a free quote.

We would also be happy to visit you and discuss which advertising displays would be the best solution for your business. And if you want to know in advance what impact your displays will have, we can carry out a passer-by survey for your business.

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