Queue management

Making waiting pleasant for everyone

Thanks to queue management, you can make the wait time for your customers shorter and more pleasant. In addition, with a smart queue management system, you can collect valuable data that allow you to anticipate peak periods.

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Kimeru Queuing System wachtrijsysteem voor Mercedes-benz
Kimeru Queuing System wachtrijsysteem voor Mercedes-benz

At the request of Mercedes Europe, Kimeru developed such a queuing system. Read below how our KimQ system works and how it helped Mercedes Europe with its queue management.

Customer request

Mercedes Europe asked us to develop a queue management system tailored to their needs. The main aim was to make the waiting time shorter and more pleasant for their customers. In addition, the company also wanted to gain more insight into its queues.

A major car manufacturer receives all sorts of different customers: private, business, diplomatic, etc. Furthermore, these different customers also have different questions and requirements: information, a new vehicle, regular maintenance, a repair job, etc.

A smart queue management system lets you gather information about what type of customer arrives when and with what problems. This allows you to adapt your staffing and to work more efficiently.

Our solution

The KimQ queuing system consists of kiosks with touchscreens. The customer logs in and enters a few details on who they are and why they have come.

In this way, the customer is immediately assigned to the appropriate department and you get valuable information, for example on whether they are a returning or special customer.

After logging in, the customer gets a ticket with their serial number and takes a seat in a comfortable waiting area. When it is the customer’s turn, the displays over the desk indicate which staff member will help them.


Since Mercedes Europe has been using the KimQ system for its queue management, the wait time per customer has decreased significantly.

Moreover, the car company now has a clear understanding of its queues: what sort of customer comes when and what for, which department needs to be involved and when, when are the peak times and when is it quieter, etc.

This allows Mercedes to employ its personnel more effectively and also help its customers more quickly at busy times.

More about KimQ

The KimQ system was tailored to the needs of Mercedes Europe, but is now being used in many other places.

The menu of the KimQ system for queue management is available in various languages and can be adapted as required.

Furthermore, it can be flexibly linked to various CRM systems. In this way, you can personalise your service even better.

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